WBC Rules

To the casual viewer the WBC is just another series of baseball games with the same rules, using the same old bat and ball,  but there are many unique differences used in this tournament not seen at your typical MLB game.

Most of these rules are set in place to protect the players, especially pitchers, and is emphasized by a highly strict pitch count. Starting pitchers are not allowed to throw more than 85 pitchers per start, a number that has actually grown since the tournaments birth. They also must wait a number of days before throwing again after meeting a certain threshold.  This is also applied to the relief pitchers, according to pitch count.

All teams will also employ the DH, allowing pitchers to focus solely throwing the ball, lessening the risk of potential injury running the base-paths or getting drilled at the plate.

Another unique feature is a little-league like mercy rule that will come into effect if a team is down 10 after the losing team has hit in the 7th inning. It will also take effect if down 15 after you have hit in the 5th.

By far the most interesting aspect of the tournament layout though is the provisional player pool for pitchers. This is an additional list of 10 pitchers managers will have the option of swapping into their active roster 28 man roster, another unique aspect, as they advance in the tournament.

This not only acts as a safety precaution to lessen the load on pitchers who throw often in the early rounds, but also adds the potential for even more star power throughout the entire tournament.

The World Baseball Classic has evolved over its short lifespan, with more and more players willing to commit. With expanded rosters and protective provisions in place, we as baseball fans get to sit back and watch the Earths best ball players compete for the title of world champs.