Sonny Gray Taken Off WBC Roster

The news of Sonny Gray being scratched from Team USA’s  provisional roster due to insurance issues is actually the best possible news for Oakland A’s fans. 

Due to last seasons trouble with health an insurance company has denied Gray clearance to join Team USA as they gear up for the 4th installment of the WBC. Although the news is bad for Sonny, A’s fans can take comfort knowing nothing is physically wrong with him and he can stay on his normal throwing/workout routines instead of ramping everything up earlier than usual.

Players on the disabled list for more than 60 days in the previous season and players on the DL at the end of August have that count against them when being viewed by insurance companies. The fact that Gray pitched just one inning in the final weeks of the season did not help his case either.

With no distractions or physical limitations, Gray will be looking to bounce back to his 2015 numbers when he emerged as one the best young pitchers in the game.