David Price and His $176 Million Elbow

David Price was scratched from his scheduled spring training start today after feeling discomfort in his forearm and elbow. After an inital MRI was inconclusive he will be seeking a second opinion from renowned elbow specialist Dr. James Andrews. 

With 7 Years and $176 million left on his contract, this is is maybe the worst piece of news for Boston fans, and personally bad news for my fantasy team, The Sandies, as Price is the anchor for each team’s pitching staff.

Although nothing is certain right now, the fact that Price is receiving a second opinion leads many people to jump to worse case scenarios, potentially the daunting Tommy John surgery.

On another note this could potentially be bad news in the future for the newly acquired Chris Sale. If Price indeed needs elbow surgery and misses the season, this may lead the Red Sox brass to become hesitant when negotiating with Sale a few years from now.

As fans of the Red Sox wait for the second MRI we can only hope this is just another case of a sore arm in spring training.


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