Manfred strikes out on rule changes

With the increased attempt to attract millennial’s and shorten game time, commissioner Rob Manfred aimed to make major changes to America’s pastime with smaller strike zone, pitch clocks and limits on mound visits, but the MLBPA wasnt having it. 

Although Manfred was unable to strike major blows to the tradition of the game, he was able to drastically alter the intentional walk.  With the new change managers will just need to signal to umpires that they wish to walk the batter, instead of the pitcher having to throw the ball four times outside the zone.

Baseball traditionalists and most players are unhappy with any change to the game, but when something is done for no logical reason, as the IBB rule appears to be, it just creates unnecessary tension between the games executives and those who play it.

If Manfred really wanted to adapt the game to millennial’s who would be wise to get more creative than eliminating the 6 seconds an IBB takes.



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