MadBums crash gets free pass

Madison Bumgarner did what all “country boys” do at one point or another, crash a dirt bike. The injury will leave him sidelined for at least the next 6 weeks and the already stumbling Giants without their biggest competitor and ace. 

Most teams would consider a non-baseball injury like the one MadBum suffered a breach of contract in that he put his body in unnecessary risk and not only hurt himself but everyone involved with the Giants, yet if any one player has earned a free pass it is Bumgarner.

What he has provided the Giants over the past few years in terms of consistency and playoff dominance, including the memorable 2014 World Series MVP performance, all at a premium discount, has allowed this team to lock up other key players like Brandon Crawford, Brandon Belt and bring in big free agents like Johnny Cueto.

Bum has also never once complained that he is underpaid, similar to that of the Warriors Steph Curry.

Having signed a 5 year / $35,000,000 contract with the Giants after his age 23 season with two more club options for 12 million per, this deal could keep him in a giants uniform until after his age 30 season.

To us normal humans 35 million is more than enough and Bumgarner certainly seems to agree but as one of the games best he should be compensated as such and not his teams 4th highest paid pitcher.

For now though it seems like he is more than ok using his built up goodwill to keep living the country life he is so accustomed too.