Baseball Books

Below are a few of my favorite baseball books, they have helped me advance my knowledge of the game and better understand its history as Americas pastime.

In no particular order:

Posnanski and the 94-year-old O’Neil decided to spend the 2005 baseball season touring the country in hopes of stirring up the love that first drew them to the game. This book is the essential read on legendary Negro League figure and baseball ambassador Buck O’Neil.

A  gift passed on from my old man, Ball Four is the diary of Knuckleballer Jim Bouton throughout the 1969 MLB season. He explains difficties throwing the knuckle, opens up about clubhouse atmospheres and does it all in a witty manner which makes the book as funny as it is interesting.

Forever immortalized by Brad Pitt and a fat Jonah Hill, Moneyball introduced to the masses what Billy Beane had cooking in Oakland. The way Lewis breaks down the use of advanced stats and highlights their importance is both easy to follow and crucial for understanding how players are evaluated within todays game.

Matthew Berry, AKA Talented Mr. Roto, is the face of fantasy. His book is much like his blog, light hearted, funny, a bit word like myself but delivers the best fantasy book ever written in my opinion. He reveals his life story, tells stories of league punishments,draft day diasters, how he got started at ESPN and gives you the foundation needed to start playing fantasy sports.  A must read for fantasy players.