Baseball Movies

Much like my favorite books this is a list of my favorite baseball movies…A lot of Kevin Costner coming up.

In no particular order:

Bull Durham is most a top 5 movie of all time for me. The story follows main character Crash Davis, a career minor leaguer who is assigned the duty of mentoring a young phenom with a wild side. It is not only funny but does a fantastic job highlighting the life of a minor leaguer chasing the dream.

A classic that will make you want to play catch with your old man. an Iowa corn farmer starts hearing voices telling him to build a baseball field. The “If you build it, they will come,” reoccurrence comes full circle when Shoeless Joe Jackson amongst others come by for a pick-up game.

A childhood classic, a gang of friends get into trouble when a Babe Ruth autographed ball is hit into the yard of “The Beast.” This is a story about childhood friends getting together to play a little ball and help each other overcome a neighborhood fear.

Costner again! This time as Billy Chapel, a long time starting pitcher giving it one last hurrah. The movie bounces between flashbacks and real-time as Chapel is pitching the game of his life. There is a significant love story factor here making it less of a baseball movie but it is always a good watch in my opinion.