DH- designated hitter, AL teams use a DH in their lineup instead of having the pitcher hit.

AL- American League

NL- National League

WAR- Wins above replacement, how many more wins a player is worth compared to a league average “replacement” player

WHIP- Walks hits per inning pitched

BB- Base on balls, walk

SB- Stolen Base

Ace- Teams best pitcher, typically first in the rotation

Cleanup Hitter- #4 in the batting order, usually teams best hitter or one of them.

ERA- Earned Run Average, the average number of earned runs a pitcher allows.

RBI- Run batted in, when a hit, sac fly, etc. lets to a run or more being scored.

Run- When a run is scored.

Double Play- getting two outs at once.

Error- When someone makes a mistake, typically a missed groundball or overthrow.

Single- a hit lending with batter on 1b

Double- a hit ending with the batter on 2b

Triple- a hit ending with batter on 3b

HR- typically when a ball is hit over the fence, batter gets to come home. Very good.